Book Review: The Whistler

51nekcjdpul-_sy344_bo1204203200_“The Whistler” by John Grisham

2017 Reading Challenge — Book 16: A book on the current New York Times bestsellers list

This is a perfect example of a book making the bestseller list based on an author’s past history, rather than being there on its own merits. I haven’t read all 31 of his novels, but this easily ranks as my least favorite of the dozen or so I have read.

The Whistler began with a lot of promise. A female lead character working for a little-known investigative entity called the Board of Judicial Conduct (which processes complaints filed against judges) was a premise that seemed to be a refreshing new approach to the genre of legal thrillers where Grisham has thrived best.

Unfortunately, this story lacked both the “thrill” that has been present in his best legal work, and the level of character development which has made his best non-thrillers equally riveting. While this may merit a trip to the library (where I reserved the copy I read) for hard-core Grisham fans, most everyone else will want to pass on this forgettable book.

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