Combing the Net – 7/7/2010

Video Games, Idols, and Your Child’s Heart — CJ Mahaney on how parents can address this addiction with their children, and monitor their children’s access to video games.

The Spill, The Scandal, and The President — One of the most comprehensive stories on the Gulf spill I’ve read. It’s long, but well worth reading if you have the time.

Don’t Waste Your Feeling-Really-Yucky — John Piper’s “Don’t Waste Your Cancer” is great, but since most of us don’t have cancer, here’s a helpful post to help us relate. How do we use our sickness, tiredness, and “feeling-yucky-ness” as opportunities to give God glory?

You May Be More of a Fool About Sex Than You Thought — G.K. Chesterton on why we have no reason to complain about God’s restrictions on our sexuality.

Masked Superhero Fights Crime in Columbia, TN — A man calling himself “The Viper” is trying to put an end to crime in his town. Why the costume? “You see someone doing a good thing, and you’re like ‘Oh that’s nice,’ but then you see someone doing something good in tights, and it kind of sticks with you more.  Maybe then you’ll be inspired yourself.”

I’ve seen a lot of “cardboard testimonies” videos (and several in person), and they are always powerful. Here’s another really great one. (HT: Brian Terry via Z)

Vodpod videos no longer available.