Book Review: The Music Architect

41lqjsxj1ul-_sx331_bo1204203200_“The Music Architect: Blueprints for Engaging Worshipers in Song” by Constance Cherry

2017 Reading Challenge — Book 24: A book by a female author

Though I purchased this book more to be a resource volume on my shelf than anything else, I did find it an enjoyable read. Cherry’s opening chapter about what it means to be a “pastoral musician” was very good, and I appreciate very much the priority she gives to corporate singing throughout, as she lays out her “blueprints” for congregational engagement.

I found myself skimming this book far more than reading it closely, for a couple reasons. For one, it’s very similar to a lot of other things in my library, and being familiar already with the concepts she was presenting as well as with most of the sources she was quoting meant there wasn’t much new to process. Also, I often felt like chapters continued on long after she’d gotten her point across.

Still, the sections about the history and development of different types of songs used in worship services, and the appendix at the end designed to evaluate your church’s “canon of songs” are the reason I bought the book, and will serve well as a resource, so I’m glad I added it to the collection. If you’d like to do the same, you can grab a copy here.

BONUS POINTS! I don’t usually read a book’s “Acknowledgements” section, but for some reason I glanced at that page in this one. Imagine my surprise seeing some folks in there from my little home town of Huntington, Indiana! Turns out Dr. Cherry is from Huntington, too. Small world!