Combing the Net – 4/30/2012

Why Men Should Read More Fiction — Another winner from the Art of Manliness blog! Here are several great pragmatic and philosophical reasons for reading fiction. For a more theological perspective on the subject I can’t recommend more strongly Tony Reinke’s book Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading (review coming soon), which includes a chapter devoted to the value of fiction.

Racism and George Zimmerman — There’s been a lot of tripe published about the Trayvon Martin shooting. I’ve stayed out of most of it, but this article by Thomas Sowell is refreshing.

Ron Paul Is Winning More Delegates Than You Think — While Mitt Romney’s nomination is all but a foregone conclusion at this point, I’m encouraged to see the effectiveness of the strategy of Ron Paul’s campaign. It will be very interesting to see how much leverage he is able to gain before the GOP national convention, and what kind of influence that will have on the Republican Party platform going into the 2012 elections.

On Watching Bad Movies — I appreciated this article from a Christian movie critic on the difficulties associated with repeatedly subjecting oneself (willingly!) to bad content for the sake of protecting others. Check out the other posts in this series as well (links found at the bottom of the post).

Here’s a promo for the latest sermon series travesty from Texas megachurch “pastor” Ed Young:

The advertised church service happened over this most recent weekend. Here’s the video… though I don’t recommend subjecting yourself to it for more than a few minutes (I didn’t):

Sad that this guy carries a ton of influence, including frequent national TV exposure, big book contracts, and his multi-campus church with a massive online following.